Quiz Night

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Quiz Night Saturday 27th May Alverstoke Evangelical Church’s quiz night. A fun evening for all abilities with a bring and share supper. 6 rounds with around 20 questions most people should be able to score over 70% on each round quiz with about 30% of the question are slightly harder to separate  out the teams,


A Monk’s Tale

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A Monk’s Tale Saturday 9th September 2017   A new comedy for 2017 celebrating the 500th Anniversary of Martin Luther & 95 Theses. (with jokes) This show is about Martin Luther. And it’s for people who aren’t quite sure which Luther we’re talking about. With a feeling of Horrible Histories and Monty Python, A Monk’s


Barn Dance

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Barn Dance November 2017 at Bay House school   A buffet will be  provided, bring own drinks Band: The Turk Town Troopers Tickets: Adults £6 Children (under 16) £3, Family £15 (2 Adults 2 Children) Organised by Alverstoke Evangelical Church,     All proceeds will go to Open Doors

Sleeping Beauty

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Sleeping Beauty Wednesday 6th December Saltmine Theatre Company brings you the story of Sleeping Beauty as you’ve never heard it before… It’s the royal event of the century – the King and Queen’s only daughter is turning eighteen and everyone is excited. Follow Princess Aurora as she meets a charming prince, a friendly gardener, magical


Recommended books

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Recommended books Access to books we have recommended (or used for reference in some of the recent messages) We have just recently set up an e-bookstall with The Good Book Company. This enables us to put books we’ve recommended right in front of you, so if you want them, you can go through our website/bookstall


Getting our values all wrong

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Muddled values It really was a very clever and unusual crime, for on the day that the thief broke into the jeweller’s shop he took absolutely nothing. In fact, his break-in was never discovered for exactly that reason. He slipped in, and slipped out—without removing a thing. What he did do was ingenious. He went


Do you want to be well?

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Do you want to be well? Persistent worries, we’ve all got persistent worries, haven’t we? Apparently, there is a place to which you can go to, to escape your worries. It’s called Haystacks, and as the guide book writer Wainwright states, “For a man trying to get persistent worry out of his mind, the top


Comparison Sites

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What is your attitude to renewing? Are you someone who avidly looks for the best bargain every time something comes up for renewal? Or are you someone who sticks loyally with one firm, believing in the motto that ‘if they’ve done you well then you will stick with them.’ With my Dad, the idea of


Ongoing battle

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I’m lying in bed, and I can hear our youngest son softly crying in the other room. It’s the middle of the night and I’ve been woken from deep sleep and I’m hoping. I’m hoping that my wife, who is asleep beside me, will get up and deal with him, but she doesn’t move. Then,