exsmallThis is our ‘Alpha Course’ and is for anyone who wants to investigate Christianity further. It is run in an informal way, with a group of other people, with a mixture of discussions, DVD input, and some talking. And if you want to come, it doesn’t matter what you already know, or don’t know. Whether you are already familiar with Church or the Bible, or not. This course is for all, and you will be welcomed whoever you are, whatever your background or beliefs.

So why not take a step in seeing how Jesus addresses questions about life? For this is an opportunity to grapple subjects that we often neglect.
The course is made up of seven sessions:
Good news: What are we doing here?
Identity: Who is Jesus?
Sin: Why did Jesus come?
The cross: Why did Jesus die?
Resurrection: Why did Jesus rise?
Grace: How can God accept us?
Come and die: What does it mean to follow Jesus?
Oh, and not to forget, desserts and refreshments are included.

If you wish to join, or you want more information, then please contact Colin and Carol Dyer on the number shown on the left. Alternatively use the contact us form on this site.