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‘Body Builders’

Year 6 – Year 10

Is an inter-Church youth event that meets once a month on a Saturday evening at Duncan Road Church, Park Gate. TribeNite leaders take students from the Bay House School lay-by at 7:00p.m. and return them to their own home afterwards at about 9.30 p.m.
The evening consists of ice-breakers (games & activities), World Vision, DVD’s, Tuck Shop and a short talk organised by Counties Evangelist Gordon Curley. All events start at 7:30 pm and finish at 9:00 pm
‘Body Builders’ runs from October to May – below are the dates for the first half of 2017.
Saturday 14th January 2017
Saturday 11th February 2017
Saturday 11th March 2017
Saturday 8th April 2017
April 28th to May 1st 2017 – Houseparty (Venue: Charminster Chapel, Bournemouth, Dorset)

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