Recommended books

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Recommended books

Access to books we have recommended

(or used for reference in some of the recent messages)

We have just recently set up an e-bookstall with The Good Book Company. This enables us to put books we’ve recommended right in front of you, so if you want them, you can go through our website/bookstall and order them personally (yes, you have to pay personally too!).

There are a number of benefits from this. Firstly, we can give you easy access to titles we recommend. Secondly, AEC will get some return from any sales made via our website links to The Good Book Company.
We hope you find it useful as we seek to keep the bookstall up to date by putting more books on show. Let us try and read more and be encouraged to know God better and more deeply.
Finally, a couple of other links. Here are some free books and resources by the American author John Piper.
And though the Good Book Company has a very good range, ICM books in Northern Ireland have a very good working knowledge of books. They offer free delivery for orders over £5 and very good rates (often cheaper than Amazon). Try them out here.

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