School groups run in, or for Bay House School and groups run locally.



Sunday mornings at church This is for school years 7-11 and takes place on Sundays. A combination of group discussions, DVD’s, Bible Study and real life issues. Once a month, the young people join in with the adults at Alverstoke Evangelical Church from 10.15am and listen to the sermon using a pre prepared booklet.

TribeNite (Ignite and Tribe members)

Year 6 – Year 9 Meet once a month on a Friday evening between 7.30pm – 9:00pm at ‘The Cabin’ – Alverstoke Infant School. An exciting programme awaits of unusual activities, food and fun together with a short biblical message at the end of the evening. Contact us for this term’s events!

‘Body Builders’

Year 6 – Year 10 Is an inter-Church youth event that meets once a month on a Saturday evening at Duncan Road Church, Park Gate. TribeNite leaders take students from the Bay House School lay-by at 7:00p.m. and return them to their own home afterwards at about 9.30 p.m. The evening consists of ice-breakers (games & activities), World Vision, DVD’s, Tuck Shop and a short talk organised by Counties Evangelist Gordon Curley. All events start at 7:30 pm and finish at 9:00 pm ‘Body Builders’ runs from October to May – please contact us for event information.


Tuesdays at Bay House School, in room R13 This is a Christian Group for young people in years 7–9. It runs during the lunchtime in Room R13. Refreshments are provided.

Seafield Homework Club

Community House, Old Road, Gosport This meets on Tuesdays, during term time, between 4.15pm to 5.30pm. Adults from the church help to give young people from the Seafield, Old Road area of Gosport, study support. It is run in the Community House.