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veritasMartin and Julia Etter work and Veritas College
Martin and Julia were involved in training up leaders in their 
understanding of the Bible within local  churches in Malawi. After seeing life in Malawi, they began to actively help the local people in their farming and cultivation, encouraging using different crops and trees to provide a better diet, and developing ovens that could be built locally–were more fuel efficient–and would help reduce de-forestation. As a result of their success they are now co-ordinating developing this work in various countries throughout Africa.

We use the same Veritas Training Method within AEC as we seek to develop people and leaders in the local church. This gives people confidence in the Scriptures, giving great tools to understand the Bible and to communicate it to others.



GOD: new evidence’ is produced by Focus. Focus has been producing Christian mass media and new media projects for more than thirty years:

Starting in the 1970s, Focus produced the widely acclaimedearth ‘World of Science’ series of radio programmes, in which leading research scientists talked about their Christian faith. These programmes were broadcast from radio stations HCJB World Radio, FEBA, and many others.

For the next twenty years, Focus produced several highly successful series of programmes which were broadcast around the world and translated into nearly a dozen languages.

Over the past decade Focus has moved into the ‘new media,’ with web sites, DVDs, training courses and – most recently – podcasts and videos.

In 2006 Focus produced the ‘Jesus & The Da Vinci Code’ DVD in response to the film of Dan Brown’s book. The videos from this DVD were put on the Youtube web site, where they have been watched more than a hundred and fifty thousand times.


Christian Books


A good selection of books published by The Good Book Company

Cornerstone Books
Cornerstone is the our local Christian bookshop offering a good range of books and other material and a willingness to supply to order. They are at 9 Bemisters Lane, (off Gosport High Street). Contact them on 023 9258 3824.

ICM Books Direct
ICM Books offer free delivery on orders over £5 and despatch is usually immediate, with delivery within 2 days. They have a very good selection of titles, provide a great service from Northern Ireland, and Mervyn (the main man) has an incredible knowledge of books. If you need to find a specific book, give them a ring on 02838 321488.


AEC’s Music Website

If you want details about our music group and also want to search the songs we use and know follow this link ( )


Bible Software


E-sword is an extremely useful piece of software for studying the Bible and is available for free.