As a church we are members of the Fellowship of Independent Churches (FIEC), and also partnered with other churches in our region within Solent Gospel Partnership (SGP). We believe that true unity is found where there is not only a common agreement and understanding of the gospel, but where there is an involved willingness to work together. So we look to work with other churches where these two things are present.

We base this view on the unity found between God and his Son Jesus Christ. The unity they have is one of purpose and love. So, we will gladly seek to work (where it’s worthwhile doing this, as churches we all have our own unique involvements) with others where we find there is a natural bond (or love) and a common set of beliefs. This means that there may also be churches we would not be able to work with because we are not about spreading the same message.

You can read more about the ethos of Solent Gospel Partnership on their site, but where we do link up with others, we do want this to be an active, profitable, working together. We are not after a link that is in name only, but fellowship that has constructive purpose and actually sees things being done to build up the respective churches.
We are also involved with Solent Evangelical Church (SEC), where a team of our church members have been working for a number of years.

Having said all of this, apart from our formal links, we are in contact with others who do not share all our ideas on unity, and we are in communication with other local ministers and their churches.